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It was the best of holidays, it was the worst of holidays…

Here’s the thing about Jewish holidays – most of the time, they focus on food.  Almost any Jewish occasion is food-centric.  Chanukah, is definitely one of those holidays. Read the rest of this entry »


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Pet Peeve: Dog shit

I rarely use this space to rant.  Consider this time to be one of those exceptions.

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Make-up, MAC cosmetics, false eyelashes and Hiv/AIDS

‘Tis the season to be jolly and you know what that means?  Holiday parties! 

I had a party to attend this weekend and turned the day leading up to the party into a complete girlie day.  It started at the hair salon and ended at the MAC cosmetics counter.  MAC will do your make-up for “free”…as long as you buy $40 worth of product.  I’m okay with that.  I needed some new stuff anyway and once the staff apply a lip colour that you don’t already own, there is $16 spent right there.

I was waiting for my make-up artist to get his equipment (what?  spackle?  mortar?  eeek!  just kidding!) and while I was waiting, another client was beside me telling her artist that she thought she wanted to try false eyelashes today.  False eyelashes!  False eyelashes!  Who woulda thunk it!  So as soon as my make-up artist returned (no spackle or even venetian plaster anywhere to be seen), I asked if they had false eyelashes.  It went something like this:

Me: Do you really have false eyelashes here? (hushed tone of disbelief, awe and well frankly, I sounded like a 10 year old)
Him: You betcha!  Are you thinking you want to have some fun with those?
Me: OH YEAH! *squeal*

mac eyelashes MAC #7 eyelashes. Go for it.  You know you want to…

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Daniel Craig is Bond, Hottie Bond

If you haven’t seen the new Bond movie, Casino Royale, I highly recommend it.  It’s got everything a decent action flick should have: action, eye candy for the men, eye candy for the women and a good story line.

And Daniel Craig?  He’s hot.  Smokin’ hot.  Hot enough to make me forget about my Hugh Jackman obsession.  I’ve admired Mr. Craig previously in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider but it was just a passing fancy.  This time around, 144 minutes of Mr. Craig in a starring role have left me wanting to watch it again.  And not just because he was naked.  Although that part was pretty good.  Mr. Craig has a similar body structure to Thor which has caused me to wonder if Thor would go for a) a waxing session (Mr. Craig was shiny smooth as Mr. Bond); b) multiple tanning sessions; c) a blond wig; or d) all of the above.  Sadly, reality beckons and I really don’t want a cold hearted killer for a husband, no matter how freakin’ hot he may be.  But it might be fun to try him out for a while…Alas, I digress…

Back to the movie.  This Bond movie was a real departure from the previous ones.  Bond really worked it physically.  There weren’t any silly Sean Connery kung fu moves in this movie.  The dialogue was smart and thankfully free of any smarmy sarcastically witty one-liners a la Pierce Brosnan.  OK, maybe there were two one-liners but they were well done.  Having watched GoldenEye the night before we saw Casino Royale, previous Bond-cheesiness was fresh in my mind.  Casino Royale is cheese-free.  The action was great, the stunt work was amazing and any special effects were so well done that they looked real.  Go see if for yourself. 

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