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Is rehab the new black?

Without paying too much more tribute to the media fiasco that is Britney Spears, I do want to post about rehab.

It seems to me there’s a lot of rehab going on.  When did it get to this point?  Whatever happened to just booking an appointment with a shrink and paying them to listen to your troubles?  I understand that there’s a lot going on that none of us will ever know about in the lives of these celebrities but I don’t understand how at the age of (how old is Lindsay Lohan?) 20 something, someone finds themselves in a position where they are swearing off booze (among other things).  At the age of 20 something, how bad can things be that you need to go to rehab and not just remove yourself from the party scene for a little while?

While I do patronize the online gossip rags, I’m seriously thinking about stopping.  Not because of what they’re covering so much as I do think they contribute to some of the troubles these celebs have.  I also think they’re contributing to our culture of celebrity.  Fame seems to be an aspiration that too many of our children have and frankly, we need more plumbers, doctors, electricians, teachers and middle management (can’t forget those guys/gals!) than we do celebrities.


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My muse (for now)

As I sit here struggling through my final term paper this year, I pop on my headphones and boot up my jukebox to listen to 55 Sarah McLachlan songs and I’m happy.  I’m still struggling through this paper but something about listening to her sing brings out the writer in me.  Which segues nicely into my appearance here. I’m not really struggling right now – I’m procrastinating!  I’ve been stumped for ideas about writing lately and so, not having anything nice to blog I opted not to blog anything at all.  Not that I had ‘not-nice’ things to say.  It was more like a void.  Filled now with glorious sounds of Sarah.  If you find yourself staring at your computer screen, wondering just what the meaning of the vampire myth is, as written by Bram Stoker, for your mythology class, pop on some tunes and see if it can bring the un-dead to life.

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