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Must See TV: Weeds

If you live in the US, chances are you get ShowTime and that means you may or may not have seen Weeds.

I happened upon it for rent in our local video store and picked up the first disc of the first season.  It rocked.  Funny, dramatic, sarcastic and well, just go rent it or find it on your cable/satellite and sit down and enjoy.  It’s on Showcase in Canada.


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Women’s Soccer: Playoffs!

Well, we made it into the playoffs, even with all of our forfeits; I think there were 4 in total.  Actually all 4 teams in the league made it into the playoffs so that wasn’t such a surprise.  What was nice was that we went in, in 3rd place instead of dead last.

We lost our first game 1-0.  That was a bummer because the winner of that game would then play for 1st or 2nd place.  On the other hand, it was, however, much better than the previous week when we were short players (again) and ended up losing 8-0 against the same team.  Instead we had a consolation game for 3rd or 4th place against Team D.  It was interesting. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nutella is the New Evil

Get it?  Like grey is the new black.  Really.

So, after 30 some odd years of seeing Nutella commericials and being oh-so-jealous of all those cool kids that get to eat it, I bought some.  It all started because of a commercial.  I wondered aloud how good it was and Mr. Athena merely said “go buy some”  and that was that.

Well, it really is evil. Read the rest of this entry »

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Camping Food Ideas

Recently we went camping.  Every time we camp I strive to put food on the table that is more than just hot dogs and hamburgers so it usually involves a fair amount of prep work before we go.

We have a camp stove and I highly recommend it.  If you don’t have one and you plan on doing any car camping, this is *the* stove.  Easy to light, heats a pot of water quickly (good for doing dishes!) and folds fairly compactly.  The only drawback is that it is made to use disposable cylinders.  You can, however, buy an attachment to use refillable cylinders.

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Camping 2006: Sibbald Point Provincial Park

Well, after a year off from camping, we decided to venture out for a quick 3 day, 2 night visit to Sibbald Point Provincial Park.  We chose this campground because we’ve been there 2x previously and knew what we were getting into.  This was important because when we tried to go two summers ago, our little one (then only 18 months old) spent 2 nights wailing from 1am-3am.  We were supposed to stay for a 3rd night but packed up as I couldn’t handle the sleep deprivation any longer.  Not only did we choose the exact same site as we stayed at last time but we also choose this campground because it was less than an hour away.  Great for an emergency escape in the event that sleep proved to be elusive again.  Luckily, we had a great (almost sleep-filled) time.

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Talking to your children about sex – specifically….Periods.

I mentioned here that my children don’t really ask questions about sex/body science.  That’s okay.  It does however, make it a challenge for me to broach the subject.  Imagine then, my delight when my son asked what the machine on the wall of the ladies bathroom was!  I should clarify that we were in the ladies bathroom because my 3 yo daughter had to pee and I can’t leave my 6 yo alone.  Rather than get into the tampon/pad machine explanation right there and then, I asked if I could explain it to him when we got in the van.  He agreed.

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