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Mammogram recall time (with bonus fibroids!)

So it’s time for my 6 month recall for a mammogram.  If you were here back in September you saw my rather calm post here, detailing the situation.  I re-read the post and can’t believe how the hysteria associated with it all didn’t come through.

This time around, I’m not nearly as worried about the mammogram as I was before because I was lucky enough to go to the doc for an irregular period and was told (after the appropriate tests) that I have fibroids on my uterus.  I was quite surprised.  I honestly went in for the test results thinking that whatever it was, my doc would probably put me on the Pill and that would be the end of my irregular period.  No such luck.  Instead I get to be referred to a gynecologist and their office wants me to have another test.  An invasive test that sounds scary and painful (hysterosonogram). Fuck.


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The Magnetic Attraction of Lip Gloss

I picked up some killer lip gloss from MAC a few weeks ago and enjoy wearing it.  It looks great and as a bonus it keeps my lips from getting chapped.  The other night, while cycling to the ice rink, I was thinking I should have worn it for the latter reason, since I was outside.  Then, just as my Inner Girlie-Girl Child worried about my naked lips, my Inner Sporty-Girl Child celebrated the lack of gloss and chided itself for not remembering to apply plain ordinary chap stick.  Inner Sporty-Girl Child hates the gloss.  I have long hair.  Not super long, but long enough that if there’s any wind at all, my hair immediately gives in to the magnetic attraction that lip gloss holds to hair.  And voila – hair stuck to lips.  Ew.  Gross.  Inner Sporty-Girl Child hates that feeling.  And actually, so does Inner Girlie-Girl Child but she’s willing to make sacrifices for fashion.  My point?  If you’re thinking about buying lip gloss and you have long hair, heed my warning! Beware the static-cling-like hold the gloss holds over hair! Or at least tie your hair back if it’s a windy day.

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Make-up, MAC cosmetics, false eyelashes and Hiv/AIDS

‘Tis the season to be jolly and you know what that means?  Holiday parties! 

I had a party to attend this weekend and turned the day leading up to the party into a complete girlie day.  It started at the hair salon and ended at the MAC cosmetics counter.  MAC will do your make-up for “free”…as long as you buy $40 worth of product.  I’m okay with that.  I needed some new stuff anyway and once the staff apply a lip colour that you don’t already own, there is $16 spent right there.

I was waiting for my make-up artist to get his equipment (what?  spackle?  mortar?  eeek!  just kidding!) and while I was waiting, another client was beside me telling her artist that she thought she wanted to try false eyelashes today.  False eyelashes!  False eyelashes!  Who woulda thunk it!  So as soon as my make-up artist returned (no spackle or even venetian plaster anywhere to be seen), I asked if they had false eyelashes.  It went something like this:

Me: Do you really have false eyelashes here? (hushed tone of disbelief, awe and well frankly, I sounded like a 10 year old)
Him: You betcha!  Are you thinking you want to have some fun with those?
Me: OH YEAH! *squeal*

mac eyelashes MAC #7 eyelashes. Go for it.  You know you want to…

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Having a family history of breast cancer means that you get a first class ticket to a Mammogram, without having to reach the age of 40.  I was recently given my ticket and happily went to the show.  What’s it all about you ask?  Pull up a chair and I’ll do my best to inform you of what might happen to you, when you get your ticket.  And if you do get sent for a mammogram – go.  The only thing scarier than going and waiting for those results is not going until it’s too late. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inline Skating, Coaching U6 Soccer, a Wedding and Ra

When did Rollerblading become Inline skating?  When K2 built a better skate than Rollerblade?  It may be a generation thing (I can't believe I just said that…) but regardless, I find myself having correct myself everytime I start to say rollerblade in-line skate.

I took my rollerblades in-lines out tonight for a spin. I thought I'd give the outdoor rink a try.  I skated over there (a nice change from having to drive in the winter), toured around for a bit and skated back home.  I took the back streets and the nature trail there and back.  Tonight I had the luck of actually getting a gnat in the mouth.  I've decided that while the outdoor rink is nice and well-constructed for in-line skating, I actually prefer skating on the roads over all other surfaces.  Sidewalks are killer – skate bump skate bump skate bump.  Paths/trails are okay but they're filled with dogs, dog-walkers, cyclists and runners.  Not to mention, gnats. It was manageable except for the unleashed dogs.  They're too unpredictable.  I zig left, dog zigs right and then zigs left at the last minute.  Whoops!

Speaking of the unpredictable, I started coaching U6 soccer last weekend.  For the uninitiated, that means I'm coaching 10, 6 year old boys.  It's good.  Unfortunately we lost both our games so far but the kids are having fun.  This Saturday we played in the rain.  We had an amazing turnout – all of our players showed up, unlike our opposing team which only had 1/2 a roster in attendance.  We were all soaked by the time we were through; even the parents with brolleys were drenched.  There is something to be said for playing in the rain when the temperature is fair.  It can be a little exciting.  It can be a little freeing.  And it can be a little slippery.  Having said that, if that was the only game we have to play in the rain this year, that's fine by me. It's all fun and games until you're wet and the cold sets in and the kids start to whine in the van on the way home.  It's suddenly not so much fun anymore.

We're headed out of town this weekend to a wedding.  It's a bit of an odd situation.  The wedding is for a friend of mine that I went to high school and university with.  However, I haven't seen this guy since at least 1999 and I actually think it was closer to 1997 or 1998 that we last saw each other.  He's the type of guy who emails you to say he's coming to the city (he moved back to our hometown ages ago), would we be around and then weeks after his planned visit, you find out that he came and went without so much as a text message to let you know he was in town.  So, you may be asking why I'm going?  Well, for one, to see the wedding.  Technically, we will actually miss the wedding ceremony — I'm not skipping a soccer game for this event.  We'll drive (4 hours) after the game to make it to the reception. Which leads us back to why we are going?  To see some old friends, to show my husband and children where I grew up and to put away some old ghosts.  In another year, I will have lived away from my hometown for the same amount of time that I lived there.  I don't have any connections there anymore as what family I did have moved away shortly after I did.  My mom and I moved around a lot when I did live there.  If my memory is correct, we've got 8 different residences to visit.  I might be leaving one or two of them out.  It's a small town so between all the "I used to live there" and "I used to live there too" we should be able to cover the whole town and still make it to the reception for 5pm.

I found the most *amazing* dress for this wedding.  I'm not going to even try and describe it here because I know I can't do it justice.  The two people I did model it for both said "wow" when I tried it on for them.  Even the girl in the changeroom at the store (I needed someone to zip me up) commented on how cute it was.  It's an off-the-shoulder style dress and that means I have issues with various tan lines.  Between the countless number of tshirts I wear, tank tops and bathing suit straps, I'm a map of tan lines in this dress.  The sun god, Ra has seen it to take me into his favour and has changed our "cloudy with scattered showers" forecast for the week into "25 (that's Celsius folks) and sunny" for the next 3 days.  Plenty of time to throw on my bathing suit top (sans straps!) and try to fill in those white lines while playing with the kiddies outside.  Oh, and the dress – it was $24.99 (regularly priced at $50+) at Winners.  You should go!

Update: Sun?  Where?  Here?  Not a chance of seeing it behind all those damn clouds! 

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Warehouse Sales

I heart warehouse sales.

I don't get to them often but lately for some reason, I've been watching for them and going to them.  It all stems from my love of a good deal.  I discovered garage sales about 5 years ago and after my first fabulous bargain (a Little Tikes Washer/Dryer combo for $15 – the unit is actually discontinued but you can buy it on Ebay for between $49.99 and $129.99 USD – seriously!  Go search!), I've sought out the euphoria wherever I can get it.

I probably would have given up "the perfect score" but shortly thereafter, I happened upon a Wal-Mart where they had a Little Tikes full size picnic table.  Not unusual.  The unusual bit about this was that it did't have a price on it and it was the last one.  Oh and it was the end of the season.  I inquired as to the price and after checking (and finding no price tag and nothing on the shelf), the clerk found a manager and they told me it was $9.99.  It retailed for $89.99 at the time.  Ahhh, feel the euphoria wash over me…

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Wax On, Wax Off (guys, you might want to skip this one)

After a few years of do-it-yourself bikini line hair removal, I decided a trip to the salon for a bikini wax was in order. I think it was part of my "let's get some excitement in my life" plan.

I've been waxed before. It's usually not a big deal at all. In fact, I used to go to an esthetician 2 doors down from my office, on my lunch hour. Wax on, wax off, hair gone, go get a bite to eat. I figured I knew what I was in for when I booked my appointment.

I arrived at the salon. I met my waxer/esthetician and we went to the waxing room (or whatever it's called). She gave me a moment to get out of my pants and came back.
"How far over do you want to go?", she asked?
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