I washed my car. It rained.

I finally got my new Mazda 5 about 10 days ago.  I just finished washing it about an hour ago.  And now?  Now it’s raining.  Thunder storming actually.  It took me about an hour to wash the car.  Big sigh.  Now I remember why I don’t normally elect to spend my time washing a vehicle.  Inevitably, it will rain and get dirty again.

 The Mazda rocks.  Gas mileage is okay so far, given that I’ve only used one tank of fuel so far and by all accounts, the car still needs to be broken in.  My wishlist for a new and improved 5 would include the following:

  • one touch up windows (not just one touch down that it comes with)
  • one touch close sunroof (not just one touch open that it comes with)
  • multiple CD deck (which I believe is an option, just not one we opted for)

And that’s about it.  I’m perfectly happy with everything else.  Oh wait.  The cup holders – they hold regular size cups just fine.  However, we’re a family of Nalgene water bottle-carriers and all of our bottles are larger than normal cups.  So none of our water bottles fit in the cup holders.  Which again, is okay.  Unless your water bottle leaks when it’s tilted on it’s side.  Or if the cap isn’t on tightly.  Which mine wasn’t the other day.  Which resulted in my cup holders being full of water, but ironically, not full of any cups.


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