An Inconvenient Truth

I’m fairly certain that if you haven’t heard about climate change you either live under a rock or somewhere there isn’t any access to television/newspaper/radio/internet. 

Assuming, since you’re reading this, that you at least have access to the internet,  then you have heard of Climate Change (the new branding for Global Warming) and most likely, you have heard about the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. 

I finally sat down the other day to watch it and I will agree that it does make you want to run out and cut your green house gas emissions as much as you can.  The visuals are quite stimulating,m re-enforcing that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  I would go so far as to say 2000 or more in some cases.

Check out the movie.  I think, due to its content and message, that it should be free so if you aren’t inclined to spend the coin it costs to rent it, go here, click on “full movie” and watch it free of charge.  Thor and I have recently discovered this site and we’ve watched a number of movies with mixed results.  Some take forever to load and if they’ve stopped loading, then the movie just quits and you have to wait.  I did watch An Inconvenient Truth via this site without an issues at all though so I hope your experience is the same as mine.  The shows/movies are just provided via streaming video so if you have to exit the movie, you’ll have to start at the beginning the next time you log on – it won’t remember where you left off.

If you want more information about the movie, visit


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