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I’ve just discovered that 41 year old women who have pictures of glittery Disney princesses, Clay Aiken shirtless and Christ being nailed to the cross, all on their myspace (together, that is – all of this was on one woman’s myspace) freak the shit out of me.  So much psychoanalysis, so little time.


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An Inconvenient Truth

I’m fairly certain that if you haven’t heard about climate change you either live under a rock or somewhere there isn’t any access to television/newspaper/radio/internet. 

Assuming, since you’re reading this, that you at least have access to the internet,  then you have heard of Climate Change (the new branding for Global Warming) and most likely, you have heard about the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. 

I finally sat down the other day to watch it and I will agree that it does make you want to run out and cut your green house gas emissions as much as you can.  The visuals are quite stimulating,m re-enforcing that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  I would go so far as to say 2000 or more in some cases.

Check out the movie.  I think, due to its content and message, that it should be free so if you aren’t inclined to spend the coin it costs to rent it, go here, click on “full movie” and watch it free of charge.  Thor and I have recently discovered this site and we’ve watched a number of movies with mixed results.  Some take forever to load and if they’ve stopped loading, then the movie just quits and you have to wait.  I did watch An Inconvenient Truth via this site without an issues at all though so I hope your experience is the same as mine.  The shows/movies are just provided via streaming video so if you have to exit the movie, you’ll have to start at the beginning the next time you log on – it won’t remember where you left off.

If you want more information about the movie, visit

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Well, at least when they die, you don’t have to go far to flush them…

Introducing “The Fish-n-Flush” toilet by AquaOne.

“A whimsical potty that turns your toilet into a nautical wonderland”


This was in a magazine I just received today, along with this beauty:

the Peter Potty: a stand up urinal for home use.


At the end of the day, other than the benefit of having a nearby burial water for dead fish, I only see extra cleaning (toilet+tank+urinal).  That and lots of excuses for missing the toilet when peeing (“I turned around to watch the fish”) and staying in the bathroom for hours on end.  I wonder what would happen if you put one of those blue pucks in the toilet/fish tank….mutant fish?  Probably nothing as exciting as that.  Just dead bluey-orangey (green even?) fish.

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Being a Stay At Home Goddess: The Darker Side

I love my children.  Thor and I made the conscious decision for me to quit work and stay home with our children.  You get one shot at this and we thought (and still do think) it was the right decision to make.

Having said that, there are some pitfalls to being a stay at home goddess.

  • No sick days.  I have a crappy head cold right now and all I want to do is dive into some decongestant and sleep it off for 12 hours.  That’s just not happening with a 4 year old here.
  • I think about food more than I want to.  I prepare approximately 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.  You do the math.  That’s not including snacks and trying to account for the fact that sometimes the offspring prepare their own breakfast.  Unless I don’t want cereal and milk all over the table and floor.  Then I prepare breakfast too.  I’m kidding (half-kidding anyway)! Thor Jr is an accomplished cereal/milk pourer.  Little Athena on the other hand, likes to coat the table in Raisin Bran.  According to her, it’s easier to pick out the raisins that way.  Smart cookie, that one is.
  • Isolation.  In our diverse neighbourhood, a majority of the stay at home caregivers are grandparents who don’t speak English.  Add that to the fact that once you have kids you become busy all the time and it’s hard for schedules to mesh with other goddesses’.

That’s all I can think of for now.  My sinuses are preventing brilliant thoughts from forming so this is as good as it gets today.

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Children’s Birthday Parties

It’s that time of the year when our jr god and goddess celebrate their birthdays.  We usually go all out for parties.  Last year Thor Jr. had a super hero party.  Everyone wore a costume (we had more Batmen than we knew what to do with) and the Riddler had kidnapped Green Lantern and left his hat behind with several clues (scavenger hunt).  The kids split into two teams and had to come together in the end to figure out where Green Lantern (Thor in a Green Lantern tshirt) was hidden.  It was loads of fun for all.  Oh yeah, we also played “pass the kryptonite” too.

The year before Thor Jr. had a pirate party.  The kids decorated their own treasure chests (shoe boxes covered with brown paper) and then they played “Pin the eyepatch on the pirate”.  After each activity/game, they were awarded pirate garb (bandanna, eye-patch and hook hand).  Thor had made a fabulous pirate map and after they had passed all their “pirate tests” we set up a treasure hunts for the kids.  The treasure went into their treasure boxes, of course.themap.jpgblogpost.JPG

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Mammogram recall time (with bonus fibroids!)

So it’s time for my 6 month recall for a mammogram.  If you were here back in September you saw my rather calm post here, detailing the situation.  I re-read the post and can’t believe how the hysteria associated with it all didn’t come through.

This time around, I’m not nearly as worried about the mammogram as I was before because I was lucky enough to go to the doc for an irregular period and was told (after the appropriate tests) that I have fibroids on my uterus.  I was quite surprised.  I honestly went in for the test results thinking that whatever it was, my doc would probably put me on the Pill and that would be the end of my irregular period.  No such luck.  Instead I get to be referred to a gynecologist and their office wants me to have another test.  An invasive test that sounds scary and painful (hysterosonogram). Fuck.

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Daniel Craig is still Bond, Hottie Bond.

Just in case you thought this goddess had gotten over her girlie crush on Daniel Craig, um, yeah, you would be mistaken.  It’s not that I’m obsessing or anything (Aphrodite has not inflamed me with stalker-like lust) but I have been patiently waiting the release of Casino Royale on DVD.  By 10:15 on the 13th (release date!) I had a copy securely in my hands.  By 11pm on the 14th I had managed to get a copy ripped and stored on my iPod.  Plus I had seen the movie at least 3 times.   While I’m still admiring His Hotness, there’s something to be said for seeing him on the big screen vs the iPods itty bitty screen.  It’s hard to be larger than life when you’re on a 2.5 inch (diagonal) display.

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