Well, at least when they die, you don’t have to go far to flush them…

Introducing “The Fish-n-Flush” toilet by AquaOne.

“A whimsical potty that turns your toilet into a nautical wonderland”


This was in a magazine I just received today, along with this beauty:

the Peter Potty: a stand up urinal for home use.


At the end of the day, other than the benefit of having a nearby burial water for dead fish, I only see extra cleaning (toilet+tank+urinal).  That and lots of excuses for missing the toilet when peeing (“I turned around to watch the fish”) and staying in the bathroom for hours on end.  I wonder what would happen if you put one of those blue pucks in the toilet/fish tank….mutant fish?  Probably nothing as exciting as that.  Just dead bluey-orangey (green even?) fish.


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