Hockey Mom vs. Soccer Mom Part 2

Hockey tonight.  Let’s see if I’ve got everything:

Shoulder pads? Check!
Knee/shin pads? Check!
Elbow pads? Check!
Jock strap and cup? Check!
Garters? Check!
Socks? Check!
Skates? Check!
Stick? Check!
Neck guard? Check!
Mouth guard? Check!
Helmet? Check!
Jersey? Check!
Hockey pants? Check!
Gloves? Check!
Bag to carry everything in? Check!
Extra t-shirt/socks/underwear to change into afterwords? Check, check and check!
Towel to dry off sweaty kid afterwords? Check!
Cloth to wipe down skate blades afterwords? Check!
Water bottle? Check!
Water bottle for daughter who will inevitably want a drink? Check!
Entertainment for daughter? Check!

Hmmmmm……sounds like a crapload of stuff.

Soccer mom – what do you pack for a soccer game?

Shin guards? Check!
Cleats? Check!
Uniform? Check!
Soccer ball? Check!
Water bottle? Check!
Water bottle for daughter, husband and myself? Check, check, check!
Lawn chairs? Check!
Sun umbrella? Check!
Coaches bag (if I’m coaching)? Check!
and sometimes snack if it’s our turn to bring it. Check!


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